Teacher Supply List: 10 Items That Should Be In Every Classroom

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Teaching and education are two processes that go hand in hand. From the earliest age, kids are thought a variety of things, starting from the most basic ones so that they can begin to understand the world and the environment around them. By teaching and being thoughtful, they learn to perceive, understand, and get to know different things and situations, develop their verbal skills as well as their mental ones. That is why, kindergarten, preschool and school, and later higher educational levels are extremely important in the proper development of a person.
To do that properly, the teachers play an extremely important role in the educational process. They are the ones that have the skills, the talent, the patience, and the knowledge to transfer the important things and make the kids learn stuff. Learning is not always fun, but with the right approach, accessories, and approach, it can be.
Teachers need to have different kinds of stationery and supplies at their disposal so that they can do their job properly, and at the same time, make the learning more fun and interesting. So here is our top 10 classroom supplies list for teachers.


  1. Stapler


Staplers are one of the most-needed, demanded, and functional things when it comes to the good organization of papers. Not only they are good for keeping more than two sheets together, but they can also hold other things like cardboard or some thin fabric. Staplers are easy to use as well as multi-functional. They will find their use for different subjects and will make the organization and compartmentalizing easier.



  1. Clipboard


Clipboards are an excellent addition to any teacher supply list – they are cheap and have multiples uses. Just like the stapler, the clipboards help in keeping different paper, grade sheets, charts in one place, without the possibility to get lost. They are also a great option if you are looking to utilize space. You can do that by hanging them around the room. They can hang next to the door, for example, and can hold different things like sign-in sheets, tardy sheets, file/drill documents, etc.



  1. Manual pencil sharpener


As old dated and retro as it may sound, pencils and pencil sharpeners are some of the things that a classroom cannot function without. Although the market today offers fabulous electric sharpeners, there is a great possibility that at some point, when you need it the most, it will not function. With the manual sharpener, you do not have that problem. They are quiet, small, portable can be placed everywhere, and they are very cheap. As they come in many different colors, they will easily make the school supplies and stationery much more interesting and colorful.


pencil sharpener


  1. Dry erase markers


A teacher can never have enough dry erase markers. They are one of the most common and popular teacher school supplies because they truly can make difference when it comes to explaining different things, bolding different important things, and stating out what needs to be learned and remembered. They visually deliver a completely different perception of things, as well as make each game, or practice more interesting.


  1. Dry erase circles


Learning will be much easier for the kids when they will not have to write or draw on the boring plain sheets. Instead of that, the dry erase circles are a perfect solution to make the classroom a more interactive place. Coming in 8 different colors, each of these sheets will be a challenge for the students to explore new levels. As for a teacher supply, it will save you a lot of time cleaning the desks. They can be used as table spots for the classroom for some small groups. They will also make a great addition to spelling practice. Not only great for the desks, but they can also be put on the floor, for some more dynamic learning games. The dry erase circles are easy to put on and off, without damaging any surface or leaving undesired residue. They are waterproof, so you can use them for a long time.


dry erase circles


  1. Crayons


Crayons are always fun and interesting and you can easily make a kid more interested in work and learning if you combine that with coloring. Crayons have been a longtime friend and present school supplies in every classroom. The combination of crayons with the everyday learning process has proven to be very beneficial and productive for the kids. Besides the basic learning techniques, they will learn how to hold a pen, differentiate colors, and known how to choose. They are great for the dry erase circles too.



  1. Stamps and stickers


Stamps and stickers deliver a different vibe when it comes to teaching as well as rewarding the good work. Although it might sound childish, funny, and outdated, the stamps and stickers are greatly perceived by children as something like a token for a job well done and completed. They can easily be used for individual grading, or groups. Also, each stamp can be a good symbol of each group. The stickers are also very rewarding and interesting, they can even motivate and inspire a subtle competition among the students. It is always good to have these types of school supplies within the reach of your hand because many school situations have been resolved just by the application of stamps and stickers.



  1. Boxes of tissues


Tissues are always handy in the classroom. Whether there is something spilled or there is a running nose, having several boxes of tissues will save you a lot of headaches. They are a great option for toilet paper, they can be used for drying the hands, or as tissues when you are having a birthday party in the classroom. And not to mention spilling of water, watercolors, glue, and any other school accessories. The tissue boxes will set a nice rule and example of how hygiene, both personal and one in the classroom, is important and needs to be maintained by all the students.



  1. Plastic bins


One of the best places to keep all the school stationery well organized and in one place is the plastic bins. The plastic bins have many different uses, and they are very popular as part of the classroom too. Many teachers find them really convenient to keep the extra school supplies in them. They come in different colors and shapes, which makes organizing even more interesting. They are great for keeping the kids' stuff inside too, so one good idea is to have a plastic bin for every kid, with their name on it. After finishing the class, all of them will need to put their stationery and accessories inside. That way, they will learn the process of collecting and having responsibility for their things, as well as taking care and keeping the space neat and tidy. 


plastic bins

  1. Duct tape & glue


Duct tape and glue are also some of the things that will find their use in the classroom on more occasions than you can imagine. Doing different art projects, collages, herbarium, and creative artworks ask for duct tape or glue. Shredded paper or just putting two pieces of cardboard together will be much easier if you have any of these supplies by your hand. The duct tape is also great if you want to put something on the broad, or handing on the wall. It is strong and it will hold it. Also, it is great for a notification for parents and you can stick it on the classroom door. The glue, on the other hand, is great when doing some creative building or art projects. It will hold the pieces together. If you are making herbarium, the glue will hold the leaves together, creating one nice album.

Although the teacher school supply list of the necessary items for one classroom is longer than this one, these are the 10 most important things that one classroom cannot function with. They are part of the daily learning process, as well as needed for the completion of different school tasks. Many teachers find these supplies very beneficial and helpful, both for them and for their students too. For an impeccable classroom and great learning process, always keep track of which supplies you need to stock up. You can always add items to the list, and all of that depends on the requirements of the teaching agenda.

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Teacher Supply List: 10 Items That Should Be In Every Classroom

Teacher Supply List: 10 Items That Should Be In Every Classroom

Teaching and education are two processes that go hand in hand. From the earliest age, kids are thought a variety of things, starting from the most basic ones so that...

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